How Do You See the Future of Gaming?


How Do You See the Future of Gaming

Unlike most other gaming platforms, PC gaming has been around for decades. Most people who began gaming most likely did it on a PC platform. However, some people have questioned whether PC gaming has a future. Many aspects are involved in answering this question. For one, we have to look at what industry players have in store for the future.

What Microsoft Has to Say?

One of the biggest boosts for PC gaming has been a recent Microsoft announcement about its X-Box console. After it successfully launched Windows 10, the company has announced that it has grand plans for a universal platform. Essentially, the company is trying to create a unified ecosystem where users of their platform can get all their needs fulfilled. That means that a player will be able to purchase X-Box one games on the Windows 10 Play store.

Phil Spencer, who is the boss at X-Box, said they plan to make all X-Box games available for PC. It is great news that could help solidify the future of PC gaming. In addition to that, the company also plans to launch an X-Box that offers more options. As a result, gamers can be able to tweak it and make upgrades. It will go a long way in making X-Box even more popular among players.

What about Hardware Manufacturers?

How Do You See the Future of Gaming

One of the greatest pieces of news for PC gamers has been Intel’s upgrade to their CPU. Processing power is an important aspect of good gameplay. Their 10-Core CPU is a must have for any serious game. The CPU can achieve processing rates of 3.5 GHZ in Turbo mode. It will help to make Pc gaming even more flawless.

In other areas, makers of gaming PCs are working hard to provide players with a great experience. Everything ranging from hard disks to screens is being worked on for the better. Most gaming PCs now come with an excellent monitor that has a high refresh rate. It is essential to making PC gaming viable.

Challenges Faced

How Do You See the Future of Gaming

There still exists a few challenges in PC gaming. For one, game makers do not work in close collaboration with OS makers and hardware makers. There is still no agreed upon standard on how Pc gaming should work. One reason for this may be that Microsoft is themselves a part of the competition. However, steady strides are being in this area.

For instance, some of the best games released for PC gaming such as Batman: Arkham Knight brought the problem to the fore. The game required hours of tweaking to be optimized for gaming Pcs. Although these games may need one to make modifications, they are still quite excellent. Most of them offer an experience that is hard to come by any other way.


It is quite clear that PC gaming is the future of all gaming. The only piece that is missing from the puzzle is corporation between the game makers and hardware makers. With this in mind, the future looks quite bright for them. It will be a wise idea to invest in PC gaming now if one is a gamer. There is a future in it.

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