A simple tiling window manager for X, with features nicked from ratpoison and dwm:

Where to Start

Project Background

Thanks to ratpoison and dwm authors. Musca's code is actually written from scratch, but a lot of useful stuff was gleaned from reading the source code of those two excellent projects.

Extra kudos to dwm authors for creating dmenu! A true sliced-bread-beating invention.

But why do this when there are 17 million other window managers already swanning about the internet? Variety is the spice of life? Actually, ratpoison is very good and I used it for many years; but, I always wanted it to be just a little bit more friendly to the mouse, and just a little bit more informative about frame focus and layout, and just a little bit less modal (I can't think of a better way to say that) everywhere. Sleek little dwm is also great, and while it does focus-follow-mouse and has nice minimal yet informative frame borders, it can't do manual frame layouts and I couldn't add the feature to it satisfactorily (probably my fault). Other options like Ion3 and Xmonad were also fun, but ultimately had fluff of one sort or another. So, here is Musca: the strange offspring of ratpoison and dwm, and very likely only suited to my preferences ;-) Oh well.

Why is it named after a star constellation?