Why Are Motionsense Faucets Trending?


Why Are Motionsense Faucets Trending

Touch-free electronic faucets have been a common fixture in restaurants and airports for several years. However, the products were often unreliable and sophisticated. Over the past couple of years, manufacturers have been trying to refine and perfect the technology to produce an elegant product for both baths and kitchens. Moen believes it has come up with an elegant product that works perfectly. The new product is MotionSense Faucet.

Excellent features

The MotionSense faucet has been designed in a way that it can sense what the user wants to do and respond accordingly. The faucet uses advanced sensors for detecting movement in two sensing zones. These sensors set water flow in motion for tasks such as washing hands, filling a water glass or even washing dishes.

Another outstanding feature of this faucet is the spot-resist. It has been manufactured with materials that do not collect fingerprints. Additionally, there are no water spots left behind, even in the situation of hard water. Fewer fingerprints and water spots translates to less cleaning.

Consistent Performance

Why Are Motionsense Faucets Trending

The faucet can be controlled in three main ways. There is a Wave Sensor. This is the black dot on the upper part of the faucet. It is used for starting and stopping the water flow by simply waving the hand above the sensor. Read more about these types of faucets here.

Waving the hand on top of the faucet once turns the water on. Waving the hand over it again turns the water off. Whichever, state the water is in; waving the hand on top of the sensor triggers an opposite reaction.

There is also the Ready Sensor close to the base of the faucet. This identifies an object placed beneath the spout and triggers water flow. Placing hands under the faucet turns the water on. This is the type of faucet that be commonly found in several bathrooms, hotels and restaurants.

People who prefer manual operation can use the handle at the side of the faucet for standard operations. Pulling the handle out turns the water on. Pulling back or pushing forward turns the water hot or cold, depending on the preference. Water flow and temperatures are also adjusted here. Since the faucet is hands-free, it requires less cleaning thus helping in controlling germs.


This faucet is available in three different colors: oil-rubbed bronze, spot resistant and chrome. This implies that finding one that complements any d├ęcor is easy. The overall shape and design of this faucet is another reason why the MotionSense are trending. This is a pull-down design, with a stylish handle and a high-arced spout. With that said, this single-handed faucet makes controlling temperatures and water flow easy. The ergonomic make of this faucet gives it an attractive appearance, on top of the striking features.

The spout is 15.9 inches high. This is a great feature for filling the biggest pans and pots in the house. It also comes with a braided pull down hose that is 68 inches long. This makes the hardest cleaning and rinsing tasks in the house easy. In a nutshell, the design of this faucet can bring additional class to almost every kitchen, whichever color chosen.

Bottom Line

This product delivers almost everything someone would need. It is hands-free, easy to install and stylish. It provides all hands-free the convenience needed. The MotionSense Faucet offers great value for money.

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