Goomwwm: Panels, Trays, Conky


Any modern panel or dock supporting EWMH should work as normal. Eg, gnome-panel, fbpanel, and lxpanel are all known to work.


Use lxpanel. It can be configured to show only a system tray.


Goomwwm doesn't care about the root window, so conky should work as normal. To use it as a panel and reserve space at the edge of your screen, run in panel mode:

own_window yes
own_window_type panel

Showing Current Tag

Goomwwm tags are treated as EWMH desktops, so the current tag is available to conky in $desktop. Example excerpt from my .conkyrc:


color1 ff9090
color2 c0c0c0
color3 90ff90
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 1}${color3}${endif}1\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 2}${color3}${endif}2\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 3}${color3}${endif}3\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 4}${color3}${endif}4\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 5}${color3}${endif}5\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 6}${color3}${endif}6\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 7}${color3}${endif}7\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 8}${color3}${endif}8\
 ${color2}${if_match $desktop == 9}${color3}${endif}9\


An elegant clock displayed as colored ticks along a screen edge. Visible on the right edge of this screen shot. Blue are hours; green are important times; yellow is now.

screen shot