Best Health Advantages of 3D Massage Technology


Massage chairs are one of the most significant tools of good health. They have helped many people get a relaxing massage right from the comfort of their homes. As a result, one can have a massage at home without paying for spa appointments each time they need to relax. It also ensures that does not have to make an appointment just to get a massage.

The History of Massage Chairs

Best Health Advantages of 3D Massage Technology

The earliest massage chairs offered users very few options. At the time, they were pieces of vibrating equipment that only offered minimal comfort. However, the technology has evolved a great deal since then. For instance, now one can control the pattern of vibration and also the intensity.

Massage chairs of today are also quite durable. As a result, one may only need to purchase a new chair when their old one breaks down. It is an excellent way to keep blood circulation constant. In that area, upgrades have not been lacking. The latest innovation has been the 3D technology. It gives an extra level of comfort during a massage session.

What Is 3D Massage Technology?

Modern massage chairs are fitted with rollers. It is the primary method that one gets massaged. During a session, the rollers run up and down you back and legs areas, only adjusting for width. However, this type of massage has a few shortcomings. For one, tissue thickness varies greatly in the human body. As a result, areas with thick tissue will not get sufficiently massaged.

The new 3D technology makes it possible for one to get the best massage in deep tissues. Essentially, the rollers are designed in a way that they can rise about ten centimeters above the surface. As a result, they can massage those deep tissues that would ordinarily be ignored. It includes the lower back and the neck area. The best about using this technology is that the roller height is adjustable. As a result, one can control how intense the massage is. It is worth trying out. .

Another popular feature of top massage chair brands are airbags. These airbags are inflatable and divided into sections. As a result, to adjust the height, one presses a button that inflates the airbag. It will cause the roller to go up or down, depending on which button one presses.

Benefits of This Technology

Best Health Advantages of 3D Massage Technology

The main advantage is deep tissue massage. Traditionally, these areas would have remained unattended, thus denying one the full experience. The other advantage is the ability to control the height of the rollers. It is a great option that users did not enjoy before. As a result, one can choose the areas where the want the most intensity. It also means one can control the areas they need to be massaged most.


3D massage chairs have a bright future in front of them. It is quite clear that they represent a new generation in massage chair technology. There are already a few great options from leading manufacturers. Now might be the time for one to upgrade their massage chair. It will be worth the cost.

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